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Originally Posted by iim7V7IM7 View Post
I sometimes feel like I am writing to myself . I know after all these years that most people read them and don’t take the time to comment and they continue to be read many years after the last posting.
Not just writing to yourself Bob.
Mark's work is amazing, and his results speak for themselves. This latest build of his/yours is spectacular. (Mark told me once: All rosewoods are nice, but brazilian is king.)
When I took my Pinyon in for a tune-up at the Music Emporium a few years ago, the in house luthier/tech at the time said that he had never encountered such detailed workmanship and customization on the inner bracings. An area that a player is unlikely to ever see, or appreciate, but is really crucial to the overall build. As we have witnessed in these descriptions of your Bristlecone.
Speaking of which, you have such an eloquent style of describing Mark's work. It's like reading the captions that accompany stills in a fine art book. I really enjoy reading your threads so no, you're not just writing to yourself.
And hearty congrats on your next Blanchard!
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