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Hey Fatfinger, you should really check out the Larrivee C03TE for sale in the classifieds (not my guitar). It’s a special run made by Larrivee modeled after Tommy’s Larrivee.
You mention you like the Goodall tone, and Larrivee rosewood will get pretty close. I have a Larrivee JCL 40th Anniversary Edition that compares quite well with my Goodall Rosewood Standard. My JCL is a special run but even a L03 rosewood will get you a great sounding guitar.
Here’s a little sound clip of my JCL, just recorded through my cell phone. No effects whatsoever.
1972 Yamaha FG200 My 1st guitar
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2007 Larrivee JCL 40th Anniversary Edition
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1998 Larrivee D10 Brazilian "Flying Eagle"
1990 Goodall Rosewood Standard
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