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Originally Posted by Michael Watts View Post
Congratulations Steve! Wonderful looking guitar!
Many thanks Michael; perhaps you'll play it when we all meet up again...if that ever happens!

Originally Posted by usb_chord View Post
First I've heard that sound described as having "spit". it's a pretty brilliant descriptor. Congrats on finding the right guitar of that lineage, Steve!
Brian, you'll have to credit "spit" to Rory - that's where I first came across the term as applied to guitar sonics, but it's great onomatpoeia, especially when describing that projecting, bright, separated type of sound. However, I needed a bit of the opposite mixed in...what's the opposite of "spit" BTW? Swallow?!

I've remained completely mesmerised by it since delivery, spending ages just listening to the sustain and quality of miscellaneous notes played at random, slouched in front of the TV, late at night when I've had a bit too much to drink.

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