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I increasingly find SBTs unsuited to my playing style. I don’t like the exaggerated dynamics (that pop/boom thing when the heel of your hand hits the bridge), the poor feedback resistance and the congested mids which are hard to dial out.

They’re also poorly suited to band work as has been pointed out, due to the poor capacity for gain before feedback.

I use a Sunrise soundhole pickup for almost everything, and love them. I like them so much I have three…They work very well both solo and in a band setting, and are remarkably impervious to feedback. I run mine through a Boss AD10 preamp which is a perfect fit. Another great option is the Seymour Duncan MagMic, which can be used with the internal condenser mic blended in for solo work and turned off for full band work as required. I have had one in my Dove for a long time and am extremely happy with it.
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