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Default preprocessed by are a good option

I starting using yesterday with good results. You can only choose it to host a thumbnail (you select the thumbnail size on upload) or full size. Before you upload your picture reducing its width to 800 pixels (or something similar) will make a full resolution picture more computer friendly (you won't need to scroll right to see all of it and it will load faster). I am using It works well but requires a careful eye to click the correct buttons and not one of the advertisements. If you change the default image quality, which I can't see any reason to, it can be buggy if you select the best quality (seems to ignore your pixel selection). I've had no problem setting the resize target to 800 wide with the default image quality and the pictures look great on a PC.

One problem I've noticed with is that when you toggle between thumbnail and full resolution, it does not reliably change all the links. At times I needed to close its browser tab and start over. (now?) has "BB" code as one of its options and that can be pasted directly into your AGF message (be careful that it toggled to full size if you made that selection).
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