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Default’s been a while but I finally found enough time to get her finished...mostly. What a great guitar. Truly impressive. But, it wasn’t that way out of the box. I feel like I’ve broken a wild stallion lol!

The guitar had great fit and finish to begin with....but, actually too much finish around the nut. Replacing it was a bit of a challenge. I managed to get the nut out without ripping off any finished part of the headstock or neck. It took quite a bit of time. But, it was worth it.

I had tuning issues with this Gretsch from the rip (maybe some of it was due to the B50).

I’ve replaced the nut with a bone one, the tuners with lockers, the pots, caps, wiring, Jack, switch, tip have all been changed for CTS/SwitchCraft/Orangedrop. As mentioned in an earlier thread the bridge was replaced with a roller from Reverend and a BiggsFix and Squishy spring we’re installed as well.

Now I can play it very heavy handed and use the B-50 and it holds tune like a champ.

The BTFT sound great with some dirt. Whether it be my TS, Morning Glory, or Archer Ikon those pickups seem to be very content.

I would be curious to see how swapping the neck out with a Super Hi Lo would affect it? Anyone have a spare you’d care to part with? (*please pm me if so).

It’s been a bit of a journey but has been a great project and a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!

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