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Default Went to Opry City Stage (NYC) yesterday!

And it was really good. We went for lunch and we stayed for over two hours. The couple singing was very good. They probably played a half hour on/ 10 to 15 minutes off and they played all popular songs without getting too ''Nashville country-pop''.

Food is ''southern cooking'' and I was a little worried that my son and his family and my wife might not like the lunch. I was totally wrong. From the looks of everyone's plates at the end, we all enjoyed it all. I had Beef Brisket Hash; big chunks of beef and potatoes with two fried eggs on top and it was delicious.So big of a plate that I couldn't finish. Three of us had dessert and it all looked great.

They had a small display of ''Nudie Rodeo Taylors'' clothing; a dress that I didn't have to look at the card to know it was Dolly's and more including two suits, one from Porter Wagoner and one from Marty Stewart.

Lots of Nahsville pictures. It was a beautiful place.

On weekends the music starts for breakfast. If you are in Times Sq sometime, stop in and check it out!
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