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Time for this evenings pics. This series shows Steve working on the bindings and the arm bevel veneer cap. First is scraping the bindings and purflings flush to the top. Now how you do that without hitting the top, I don't know, but apparently they can. That scraper must be pretty sharp to generate those fine bwb shavings!!!

Scraping the bindings flush to the sides:

OK, there are so many things I could say about this pic, but since the guitar is not done, I think I will restrain my normally active sense of humor...This comfortable Steve is using a single edge razor to re-establish the binding ledge to blend it in at the ends of the arm bevel, here and at the butt...some days, being a luthier is not all bad!

Next is a pic of the arm bevel cap template. When the lines are drawn on the actual bevel wood, this veneer is forced flat so the lines are a different shape when drawn. It will then be bent into this boomerang type shape once cut out and will become the arm bevel cap.

Here is the bevel cap laying next to the guitar. Yes it is oversized to make sure it will cover the entire bevel and will be scraped down to size after gluing.

Final pic tonight, bevel cap glued into place, Steve says having it oversized also helps to get it glued down tight allowing the tape to be stretched tight over edges of the bevel...a leverage-type of thing...

PS. I love guitars!