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Default Carbon vs wood

I know there's been many threads on this topic. And I really don't want to revisit the whole debate.

But it's not even been a year since I got a Rainsong (JM-1000) and I'm still developing what I think and feel about those guitars. So this is just a perspective that comes with changing seasons.

Last summer on the beach and during the winter, I was attached to my Rainsong. Loved it. Still do. The tone has crystaline beauty in its own right without invoking the humidity and temperature advantages. But because of the environmental advantages, I tended to just keep my wooden guitars in my one humidity controlled room and play my Rainsong. But now with humidity fine again, I took my J-45 out on the deck the other night and allowed it to express itself with all that .... wood. Whew! We bonded again after many months.
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