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Originally Posted by mc1 View Post
take up another instrument.
But then, I run the risk of being a ‘technician’ on multiple instruments 
The article about practicing is priceless – thanks for linking to it
Originally Posted by Hotspur View Post
You don't learn to speak the language of music by drilling your fingers. It's something that happens in your mind: the ability to manipulate musical ideals fully in your head.
Mind-shaping Thanks for the link
Originally Posted by Bern View Post
I'll be honest...the definition of 'musician' doesn't interest me at all. Why should it ? I play guitar because I like the guitar as an instrument, I like how it sounds and I can create and play music using its sound I enjoy. Personally, it's my choice of what to learn about playing the instrument. What else is there ?
I don’t really care about the definition either. I just know that I don’t always perform (guitar and voice) with the level of passion and intensity (soul?) that I want to achieve. I want to get more soul.
Originally Posted by him View Post
It's about having the feel, and ear, needed to produce sounds that people enjoy hearing. Even that comes down to "good musician" vs. "bad musician."
No intention of putting any one down here. I simply crave being able to “feel the music and be able to make sounds people enjoy hearing.” And I’m exploring every possible way to get there…
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