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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post
Yes, indeed! this is what is all about--new frontiers...

Sirwhale; I owe you a thank you. I had tried the Thomastick John PJ116 strings, an really liked them. But the high e was bothersome. It played differently and there was too much contrast between it and it companions. My initial thinking was that the Thomastic John Pearse strings were the perfect hybrid strings for a highbred guitar; but that darned E bothered me.

I've order the Classic SKR116strings and await with bated breath. Thank you for pointing to yet another frontier.
Evan, I have tried both of those High E strings (the G and B strings are the same in both sets).

The rope core high E sounds more like the G and B strings, you will like it more.

The basses are also very good. If you change tuning a lot, they have the added benefit of tuning stability because all the strings in the set have a rope core of steel. Nylon is more fiddly when dropping to Drop D or open D/G.
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