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Originally Posted by sirwhale View Post
I'm currently looking at cheaper options (wood), as I can't afford a CF crossover yet. The only model I have seen that gives me confidence that it is built for pure acoustic tone is the Cordoba C9 or C10 crossover, as it is basically a full classical body with a modified neck. No electronics. Cordoba also specialize in classical guitars.

I think the crossover world with continue to evolve however and improve (maybe even grow). It seems that the carbon fibre companies are working on this more than the wooden companies, relatively.
Yes, for me acoustic tone comes first. Instead of trying to adapt nylon to a plugged in world, I'm fully embracing the natural tone of nylon and designing around that. For example, in the steel world, cedar/mahogany 12 fret guitars are iconic for players with a light touch. It also matches well with the low tension, low harmonic, short sustain sound of nylon. I play with a very light touch, and I like nylon, so now I play a cedar/mahogany 12 fret crossover and am quite pleased with the sound.

A spruce/rosewood C10 crossover might brighten up the sound a bit, but if the overtones aren't there to begin with, it won't help much. I imagine string selection would be more critical with spruce/rosewood than with cedar/mahogany.

Crossovers are a new innovation, composite materials are a new innovation, and Emerald's customization is a new innovation, which is why we're discussing this here instead of in the classical forum.
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