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Originally Posted by hieu1811 View Post

My female friend wants to get a small guitar as a birthday present to get started, preferably nylon strings to reduce the finger pain.

I spotted a decent small size acoustic guitar at nearby store. It has normal bridge pin bridge, and tuner set, which one of the store owner said it might be difficult to string nylon string in the bridge pin. The store owner next door said we just need to tie a knot at the end of the nylon strings under the bridge pin.

So i would like to know can it be done, and does it affect set-up, intonation, tonewise?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I need to finalize by tomorrow.
Yes it can be done and it usually works well. As has been mentioned, ball-end nylon strings are available and make it easier to attach the strings at the bridge but a knot or two at the end of loop-end strings works OK too.

You might find that you have to widen the treble string nut slots a little (the bass slots will be OK). But string up first and see how the strings sit in the slot - if they are too proud, just lift each string to one side and use a piece of folded sandpaper to widen the slots - work gently and pop the string back in the slot from time to time to check progress. Just take your time and work slowly - it's very easy to do.
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