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Originally Posted by billyboy1962 View Post
Hey Barry. I think I may have cocked up the mix on GarageBand and eq’d more treble and much less bass. Oh well, I’ve still got loads to learn. File was uploaded as an .M4a - whatever that is. Don’t think it sounds too bad (well, apart from my voice ) for a sub- 100 mic connected directly to my iPad

Cheers for the input x
Really good start , I do have some observations and some suggestions you might consider

First M4a is an AAC compressed file and ACC 256 bit is I believe, what SoundCloud now uses for streaming. If when you clicked "Share" you chose SoundCloud I think it is an AAC 256 export

First : Listening on my studio system Headphones I did not think the Guitar was overly treble -ly sounding. I thought it was fine.

Second: Perhaps you were going for having the vocal pushed back in the mix and sound stage and being a bit more of an ambient effect than a featured element ? In which case that was accomplished.

If not then consider:
In any multi instrument production that also includes vocals both the mid range and the low end is going to get crowded very quickly.

While EQ can be a very effective way to address this problem , there are however more effective and less effective EQ methods. . One common mistake people make ( especially in beginning ) is using additive EQ (boosting) before first using subtractive Eq ( cutting) . The problem with simply boosting any single instrument with EQ in a multi- instrument mix, is you are simply adding to and compounding an already overcrowded mix

It may sound counterintuitive but often using subtractive EQ to carve out individual spaces for the different instruments and voice. Even without any boosting, will actually make the mix sound bigger, more clear, more present, and give more detail and definition to the different instruments and vocal .
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