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Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
Looks to be an interesting build. I look forward to following along.
Hope you dig it!

Originally Posted by Dustinfurlow View Post
Canít wait to hear (and see!) how this turns out, Iím assuming a nice padouk rosette too? Probably the best baritone Iíve ever heard was that fan fret Sitka/padouk SJ that was floating around dream guitars for awhile...just an absurdly big sound...this will be no different Iím sure! Congrats again, buddy!
Thanks, Dustin! Rosette will either be Padouk or Box Elder Burl (I haven't seen an example, but he listed it as an option on my order sheet). Bindings will be Ebony and he's using something called Chakte-kok (aka Redheart) for the purflings. That baritone you mentioned was totally an influence on my choices, and in fact I was considering going full baritone with the same 27-28" spread but decided to save that for the next one

Originally Posted by Kenny B View Post
Not sure but I think Don Ross's first Beneteau was Paduck/spruce. At any rate, this looks to be a spectacular build. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Yep, that's true! It was a 27" scale baritone, and I'm quite sure it was Englemann spruce since that's what Marc used to suggest for Don's guitars. I believe that guitar lives in Berlin now. Two of the Beneteaus I owned were ex-Don Ross guitars, and I believe they were the 2nd-3rd or 3rd-4th guitars he made for Don. One was an SJ in Englemann/Padouk with a 25.75" scale and the other was an SJ baritone in Englemann/Padouk with a 28" scale. I do miss that baritone - AGF user Mycroft is the keeper of the cannon these days. I hope my new guitar will help ease the pain of letting that one go
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