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Originally Posted by Cocobolo Kid View Post
I will certainly be watching this build thread with anticipation. Congratulations!

My Beneteau CS has only gotten better over time. It still looks new and the setup hasn't moved. Mine lives in DADGAD and has tremendous dynamics and volume along with a fat woody/earthy tone to die for. On top of all that, Marc is such a nice guy and was a pleasure to work with. It is obvious that he loves building guitars.
Thanks Sounds like a killer you have there! And I completely agree with your comments about Marc.

Originally Posted by Scallywag View Post
Cool to see a couple of Beneteau build threads pop up as of late. Just spent a few hours on the couch with mine in DADGAD. As others will note the sound is clear, balanced, and quite loud with nice thick trebles. Wonderful guitars.
And it's great to see some owners coming out of the woodwork (or should that be FOR the woodwork?!)! Those are good descriptors for all the Beneteaus I have owned or played. I definitely hear a signature voice in Marc's instruments.

Originally Posted by justonwo View Post
This is going to be super cool!
I know, right?

Originally Posted by colins View Post
Congratulations Ryan and thanks for sharing with us. Looking forward to more posts!

Are you going to do a big Canadian road trip and pick it up in person?
Thanks! I would love to visit Marc and pick it up, but I'm not sure it's in the cards for me this year. I'll have to give that some more consideration for sure The guitar should be finished sometime around September.

Originally Posted by Zacharius View Post
Oooo, I'll be sure to follow along with this thread! I, too, think padauk and Sitka are underrated woods. They make fantastic guitars!
Congrats on the custom order, Ryan
Cheers! I'm definitely a fan of both woods based on previous experiences, and it's great that Marc is excited about the combo. By the by, I had a peek at your site and that's some lovely work!
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