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Default Marc Beneteau Sitka/Padouk SJ

After many years of chatting and a couple of false starts, it's time Thanks to Dustin Furlow and his SJ build for the inspiration to check in again with Marc. Lucky for me he had an opening in his schedule and things started falling into place.

I've owned three of Marc's guitars in the past (OM, SJ longscale and baritone) and enjoyed them all. I have been a one guitar guy for many years, and recently had to make the tough decision to sell my trusty Lowden O-10 to fund this build. The Lowden was a workhorse guitar that handled almost everything I threw at it. I will certainly miss it, but I wanted something more optimized for my comfort.

Anyone who has talked with Marc likely knows how passionate he is about both his Sitka spruce and his Padouk. He probably could have easily sold me on a top upgrade, but he insisted that his Alaskan Sitka would be the best choice for me and told me it was one of his favorites to work with. I was all over the map on the back and sides choice, but we eventually landed on Padouk. My previous longscale and baritone both used it (albeit with Englemann tops), so I know it's a solid choice. He has used it a lot over the years and raves about the tap tone. The goal is an instrument that can be used for standard but will excel in D and C based tunings, delivering his signature clarity and power.

Here are the specs:

Sitka/Padouk SJ
25.75" scale
1-13/16" nut, 2-5/16" saddle spacing
Pinless bridge
Top bevel (still deciding on style)
Bound neck and headstock

Lots more to come! Here's the first pic received from Marc yesterday:

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