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Originally Posted by Petty1818 View Post
Care to elaborate? My theory is that you can only do so much with the Element and spending more money on items like the Session or Body Rez seems like a waste. The Anthem will give a much more mic like tone.
I'm happy to share my personal experience of the Anthem, which I am sure is not the same as yours. I found the mic element particularly difficult to manage (feedback) at stage volumes, especially with a band - so you end up dialling down the mic and you're left with the element on its own. On the SL version of the Anthem (which some people rave about), you can't even do this - because there is an electronic crossover in the control unit which means that if you turn the mic down you don't get the full frequency response of the element. I think there probably IS a place for the Anthem in quieter, singer guitarist type gigs but the OP posed a question about playing with a band, and anything with a mic in the chain is going to struggle in a band situation. In my opinion....

If you're interested, I now have a dual sytem (Element & K&K Pure Mini) connected into a stereo TRS socket in the guitar. I also add a Seymour Duncan MagMic to this combination if the mood takes me
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