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Originally Posted by Flemish guy View Post
Recently I joined a new band where I play acoustic while the other guitarist plays electric. i bought a Gibson j-35 Collector's Edition with the Element installed for this purpose (a great guitar).
I also bought a Jam 150 amp.
The sound I'm getting from this combination (just guitar straight into ch3 of the Jam) is Ok, Better than I expected but not earth shattering.
I was planning to change out the pickup but I'm not sure.
What do you guys think, what are your experiences with the Baggs Element? Should I keep it and maybe just buy a BodyRez or something or change to some other pickup?
The Element is my least favourite UST but a lot of people like them. I find it has a very artificial high end. If I were you, I would just go for the Anthem. Your guitar already has the Element which is part of the Anthem so the installation should be very easy. Some people, including myself, notice a bit of a change to the unplugged tone with the Element installed but again, you already have one in there and you already like the sound of the guitar so installing the Anthem won't change anything. It's better than getting the Bodyrez. My theory is, always get the best sounding pickup first and avoid getting pedals to make an OK pickup sound better.
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