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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Can someone recommend a small simple mixer to use in conjunction with the SA220 and briefly explain how I would hook it up? I’ve never run anything other than the SA220 before. Do I input everything into the mixer and then all those outputs somehow go into the two SA220 inputs?
The Soundcraft EFX8 or EFX12 mixers are fantastic. I'd chose which one based on how many channels you think you'll need, then double it. You always end up using more channels at some point. I use the EFX8 for Solo/Duo/Trio gigs.

Run everything through the mixer first, then run out of the mixer to the XLR input of either channel 1 or channel 2 of the SA220. There is no need to run into both channels of the SA220, and it might even cause issues. Edit: you can bypass the Fishman Pre's by running into the monitor in. That should work better.

The EFX8 and EFX12 have great EQ, Pre's, and FX. Set the EQ on the SA220 flat as you'll have more control at the mixer. High/Mid (with sweeps)/Low vs. just High/Mid/Low on the Fishman.

With a mixer, you can place the SA220 wherever it makes the most sense in the room, and have the board within reach to make any adjustments.

If you can, find a good sound person to teach you how to properly use a mixer. It will be worth its weight in gold. Ask them about gain staging, EQ, how to use negative EQ, mid sweeps, and FX. Have them teach you on your gear preferably in an empty venue if you can get access.

They probably won't charge you much if they don't have to haul anything, and you will get a great hands on experience. Best of luck with your setup!
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