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Originally Posted by LiveMusic View Post
NOTE: I found some papers indicating I bought these in 2009 and they are 10" speakers. That changes my thinking... no matter what, they probably aren't big enough for a small band.

The emboldened part above, why could I *not* be able to use them as monitors?

As for the gent who posted below your post... I do not have my speakers here and cannot look to see what kind of connections have, xlr or just what.

EDIT: I created this thread because a friend who does solo piano/vocal gigs wants to buy them but I was just thinking I might keep them if I could use them in small band gig situations. Now I know they're 10", maybe not worth keeping for that reason. Then again, all of my gigs are small. Some would be listening events, some could be cover song parties.
Speaker size is not an indicator of power. You can buy a 8"' powered speaker that is rated at 2000 watts. Speaker size can be an indication of how much bass they can deliver, but that's only when you compare apples to apples.

The range, speaker efficiency and db delivery tell you much more about what a speaker is capable of.

Replacing them is a matter of budget. You could drop $1500 into a pair of speakers real quick. If all your gigs are small, i'm not sure you need new speakers - that can depend on if you have a drummer (we had one that played like "Animal" from the Muppets) and if you have a guitarist(s) that have high powered amps and turn way up.

What do you consider a "small" gig?

We regularly play out with a 300 watt sampson pa, but then again, there is only 2-3 of us. Ous next step up will be to 2 CP8's or DBR10's and a Soundcraft mixer.

Two highly regarded mid-priced speakers are tha QSC CP8 and CP12 and the Yamaha DBR10.

I played in a band back in the old days (early 90's) and we had a wall of speakers. With the dependable and efficient gear available today that is no longer needed.

Do a test run at a few gigs with what you have before you pull the trigger on new ones. Two good 10" speakers can produce a lot of sound.

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