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Originally Posted by LiveMusic View Post
NOTE: I found some papers indicating I bought these in 2009 and they are 10" speakers. That changes my thinking... no matter what, they probably aren't big enough for a small band.
The size of the speakers is not really what you want to focus on if your ambition is just to add more players to the PA. My rock band primarily uses EV ZxA1 speakers as mains and monitors with great results for most purposes, and those have 8" woofers! For us, they get loud enough and their sound quality is high. We only need physically larger speakers for some bigger outdoor gigs or in pretty large and noisy indoor venues. That said, we don't usually need to be concerned with running bass guitar or low frequency keyboard sounds through the PA; it is used to reproduce vocals and an electric guitar modeler, and it works well for that. If you plan to play at very high volumes and or expect to generate deep thumping bass note through your PA, you'd need a different solution, possibly even one which incorporates subwoofers.
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