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Originally Posted by LiveMusic View Post
NOTE: I found some papers indicating I bought these in 2009 and they are 10" speakers. That changes my thinking... no matter what, they probably aren't big enough for a small band.

The emboldened part above, why could I *not* be able to use them as monitors?

As for the gent who posted below your post... I do not have my speakers here and cannot look to see what kind of connections have, xlr or just what.
It will depend on how loud things are on your stage and how good the speakers are at giving you a clear, undistorted sound that lets you hear what you need to hear when you're playing. It also depends on the cabinet design (if, for example, they have a wedge position angle).

The fact that they are 10" speakers might or might not mean anything. It depends on what sort of music we're talking about, how much space you need to cover, how loud you need to be, and how the speakers are designed. I use 10" powered speakers as both mains and monitors for my band (RCF 310a), and for most of our gigs they are more than enough. For the largest gigs we play with our own PA, I add a pair of small subs to handle the low-end and give us a little more power. Beyond that, the venue has to supply what's needed. But we're not playing rock and roll (it's semi acoustic ethnic folk music/dance music). That's why I asked you what sort of music you're playing.

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