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Originally Posted by lschwart View Post
If you could be more specific about the sort of gigs you are looking to play, that would help us give more specific advice. What sort of music will you be playing with the larger ensemble? What will be the instrumentation? What sort of venues do you have in mind (size, type of audience, etc.)? Have you actually yet gotten to the point where the Podium speakers are hitting their limits (not getting loud enough without distorting)?

If the latter is the case or you expect that this will happen with what the new ensemble is going to do, the best blanket advice I could give you would be to invest in a better set of powered speakers. The Podiums are, as you know, cheap speakers. If they've been working for your modest needs so far, that's great, but if you need more robust sound reinforcement, you'll need to invest a little more in something more robust. What's the upper range of your budget? There are some good options at the next couple of price-points above those Podiums.

You don't want to be adding more speakers with the same limitations (that won't get you enough extra undistorted volume), and mixing different speakers for your mains is not a good idea. A couple of better powered speakers as you mains would be better, and you still might be able to use the Podiums as monitors.

NOTE: I found some papers indicating I bought these in 2009 and they are 10" speakers. That changes my thinking... no matter what, they probably aren't big enough for a small band.

The emboldened part above, why could I *not* be able to use them as monitors?

As for the gent who posted below your post... I do not have my speakers here and cannot look to see what kind of connections have, xlr or just what.

EDIT: I created this thread because a friend who does solo piano/vocal gigs wants to buy them but I was just thinking I might keep them if I could use them in small band gig situations. Now I know they're 10", maybe not worth keeping for that reason. Then again, all of my gigs are small. Some would be listening events, some could be cover song parties.
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