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To start with, you mention the potential of needing "more power" because you're adding additional musicians who will go through the PA.

In and of itself, more players does not mean you need different or more speakers, or more power. You may need more inputs on your mixer, depending on exactly how many channels of vocals and instruments, if any, are going through the PA.

Since you're happy with the sound from your speakers, you'd want to change them out only if you needed speakers which can get louder, or which reproduce a wider frequency range (typically if you need more bass response to accommodate drums, bass guitar or keyboards in the PA), or perhaps which disperse the sound more widely. In such instances, compare the current speakers' specifications to alternative choices to compare their relative maximum volumes, frequency response, and so on. Beyond specs, different brands and models of speaker of course sound different, and you're likely to find improved clarity and fidelity with the better-known and more expensive brands like EV, JBL, QSC, and others.
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