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Most powered speakers have a 'through' jack to plug another XLR cable in, and run it to another speaker.
Although mixing speaker brands/types can result in uneven sound, a lot depends on the room and how you set it up. Remember that putting 2 speakers next to each other is just going to be louder, not necessarily spread the sound better/further.

If you're happy with your speakers, great, but a quick internet search shows me that this 'Podium' brand is another Chinese relabeled thing, and looking at the minimal website info, I find it hard to believe their 10" powered speaker will do down to 28Hz (8" down to 30Hz). It also looks like, from the pictures, that it doesn't have real line-in XLR connections (the XLR inputs are labeled 'mic'), and the other inputs and 'link' are 1/4".

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