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For Christmas, I bought my wife a Fujifilm X-100F with both add-on lenses and a couple of extra batteries. It all fits nicely in a camera bag that is a perfect size and shape to hold everything for the camera, including the documentation and charger. Photography was her hobby when we had our house years ago and she could have her darkroom in the basement. At that time, she had a Nikon camera and some Nikon lenses.

Then, we moved into our condo and lost her darkroom (we both gave up long time hobbies to move into the condo - mine was amateur radio). She had no interest in taking pictures and having somebody else develop them. I got her a Nikon D-70, which could make use of her lenses. But then she developed health issues, making it difficult to get around, much less carry a camera the size of the D-70, not to mention all the stuff that goes with it.

Everything I read about the X-100F praised the camera highly. It is small and light, and seems "old school" enough for her to be comfortable with. All the goodies and camera fit in the relatively small bag, making it easy enough for her to handle. I do hope she has a better experience with it than the OP did because I don't know what we would replace it with, considering her unique needs. So far, she seems to be doing fine. Since she is no longer interested in entering photo contests, I don't know if this camera would take "winning" shots. With her original Nikon and darkroom, she won the contests she did enter.

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