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Originally Posted by Black-n-Nan View Post
Hi Larry,

This is the vid I'm learning from! Love this guy lessons. My major problem is that i can't get the G string sound clear on Dm/C#-Dm/C progression. I mute it with the ring finger Tried different palm position -the thumb over the neck, and classical one - the thumb just below the middle of the neck. Does not work

Need to work harder on it.

Anyway thanks a lot for advises. Have listened your songs - beautiful playing!


HI B-n-N
There is not a magic work around for this issue. I don't even think it's a matter of the neck width or depth. Young classical players who play a full 50.8mm wide nut learn to play this pattern. The pattern is challenging, but not impossible.

To get the pinky not to lock up is key, and stretching it to reach and still work is a relax move not a forced move. The pinky (and hand) need to relax and be fluid. It's counterintuitive. Most of my students when faced with new/awkward fingerings try to force them into place.

I use a simple exercise with people to aid the learning of new/challenging fingerings.

In the case of this particular passage, just finger the D to D/C# to D/C switch without playing the right hand. Do it back and forth slowly and deliberately. Only focus on the fretting hand and keeping it accurate and relaxed.

Don't focus on whether you are muting the bass notes (or not) till you train the fingers to fall into place without being pushed there.

There were times when I was training my pinky to obey me, that it would lock, and I literally picked it up with my fretting hand, lifted it till it unlocked, and put it into place. Once you learn to relax the pinky (and every other finger on your fretting hand), these type progressions are more manageable.

Let us know how it works out.

Larry J

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