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Hey B-n-N!

YouTube often pushes videos on topics I've searched to my main home feed and this one showed up about an hour after I posted the strange little guy…this is the most comprehensive tutorial I've seen on the song "C'est la vie". This video did not show up in my original searches. It's only been up about 3 weeks (late Jan 2019).

The instrumental in question begins about 14:15…

This was a really fun watch, and I'm marking it so I can go back and break down the chords for playing in A or Dm. He gets very specific with note names, and intervals and chord names. It's a good tutorial not only for this song, but for adding to one's arsenal of ways to tie chords/inversions together.

If this doesn't nail Greg Lake's arrangement, it'd be close enough for most players. And I've seen Greg vary it on different recordings. Actually the tutorial really got some of the intricacies broken down to basics, including the switch from eighths-in-4 to triplets-in-4 for the instrumental part.

I'm one who often learns an exact copy and then varies it for my own use, and I'd be tempted to hybrid both versions of the dropping progression were I to learn the piece for performance.

Hope this gives you more fodder!

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