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Originally Posted by Black-n-Nan View Post
Just working on "C'est la vie" by ELP. Everything is pretty straight through except the instrumental part where chords progression is Dm over C# then Dm over C. Could not find proper left hand position for the strings sound clear.

Tried different ways, but no success yet
HI B-n-N

Are you playing fingerstyle, or with a pick? Not that it matters.

Greg Lake plays it in Dropped D on a 12 string (you are likely aware of this).

And the run is not merely D - D/C# - D/C but the run extends on to B - Bb and finishes on A[/I] and the chords shift as a result of the run, and to accomodate it and integrate it with new chords.

Greg Lake is all over the neck and when performing the song live, and he has used other instruments to cover the chords while he moves around in solo fashion. And sometimes live (these last few years) he sometimes leaves the 'interlude' out all together.

I found this guy on YouTube, and his voice leaves a lot to be desired, but around 2:15 he does a great rendition of that little instrumental section…not the full solo, but his hand positions show some possibilities of fingerings.

Hope this gives you some new things to try…

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