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See if you can find a good occupational therapist. Two years ago I was in the same boat, lots of pain from playing guitar. The OT made me a thumb splint, and a splint to keep my arm straight at night, both inexpensive. She gave me exercises and I marvel that after a couple of months that I am totally pain and limitation free, and can do what I want at 63 years of age. Ad I play complex fingerstyle with a lot of insane reaches across long fret distances, no limitation.

The other thing that I did may or may not be related. I got the neck up high in the classical position again with the aid of a neck lift.

My wife who is a PT and I as the doc used to work in rehabbing orthopedic injuries. Just my 2 cents, but I have seen for decades that a doc needs to diagnose, but consider therapy first with an excellent therapist if possible. You really have nothing to lose, and can always go to more invasive measures alter. If you would need surgery, it will be much easier and with a better prognosis. But my hunch is that OT might work well for you.
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