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Originally Posted by Aaron Smith View Post
You should visit with an orthopedic hand doctor. If itís really an entrapment, it didnít start with you playing a dreadnaught, it was probably there to begin with. It is likely that whatever changed in your posture when you switched guitars irritated the nerve and caused inflammation.

Iíll tell you what Iím 90% sure your doctor would tell you: rest, ice, stretching. Possibly physical therapy if the pain persists.

I'm dealing with this issue at the present.
Long story short, the therapy didn't work on me, my doctor ordered a nerve test and found the both of my elbows had severe compression.
On August 2018 I had surgery on my right elbow and on December 2018 had surgery on my left elbow. I had to stop playing guitar for about 5 weeks after the first surgery, then started playing again. The same with the second surgery. I have no pain and I'm able to play like I did before.
The compression had nothing to do with playing guitar, more like how we sleep with our elbows and wrists bent.

It will only get worse, have it checked out before you start feeling numbness and lose strength which is how I found out that I had a problem initially.

God's speed.
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