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Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
Going for a hardwood top I would think the added stripes would not matter. I thought of doing a multi piece top like that with darker colored strips. I think a thicker width purfling would tie it together. I have built a spruce 5 piece top and back, just more gluing to do. When I get the time I'll do it yet.

That’s very cool. My maple stripes are a bit under 2” wide (to get “quartersawn” slices off of an 8/4” flatsawn board.) I made a simple but handy gluing frame that made the glue-up not so bad. It would have been even easier, except I was separating each 1.75” maple stripe by an ebony purfling strip, then a maple purfling strip, then an ebony purfling strip. Then I got busy with live, put the project aside... but now it’s ready to be the back and sides of an all-hardwood parlor guitar... . Still need to make the top, but I might go with a simpler striping arangement on that.
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