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Originally Posted by printer2 View Post
I have a flat sawn 6" board of birch that I could get a full instrument out of doing the top and back 3-piece. The flat sawn direction should not make a difference other than more susceptibility to humidity changes. And the reason for it? As said, just to have one. I do have a couple of order catalog guitars from back in the time built from birch, not the best examples of instruments though.
So, maybe this belongs in the build and repair forum, but I picked up a nice 8/4” flatsawn maple board at a local sawmill a while ago, and I’ve been slicing pieces off it to make “quartersawn” stripes for, among other things, a vihuela de mano that I was building. In fact, I have the back and sides glued up as stripes, with ebony spacers in-between each stripe (those renaissance folk did like their gaudy...). I would repurpose those for a parlor guitar, which would be very funky looking, for sure.

There’s plenty left to make a neck, and also a top, if I wanted.

My bandsaw would choke on trying to resaw anything wider than 3” or so (it’s a small one). Do you think a 6 or 7 piece top would be a disaster? Alternatively, I have some spruce and some redwood top material, that would each easily make a 2-piece top. Would western red cedar be better for getting close to that “mail order” parlor guitar sound?
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