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Originally Posted by mercy View Post
Perhaps OT but why bother? has em all ready to go. The inventory changes from time to time but tell him what you want.
I just build instruments for fun. Most have been offbeat - a copy of an 8th Century Saxon Lyre, a Greek tzouras and baglamas (though I used to play out on those), a few cigar box guitars of different types and configurations, tackhead banjo, got about halfway through a renaissance vihuela de mano build (by far the most challenging thing I ever attempted). In fact, would probably use the same form I made for the vihuela, for parlor guitars - perfect size...

So, the answer to “why bother?” is only partially “to have one”, and partially to see if I could sort of recreate the sound. Just a hobby.

But, to your point, one reason that I’ve never attempted a 6-string acoustic guitar build is that there are just so many available, and even most of the inexpensive ones are probably as good as or better than anything I could build, with the possible exception of if I worked from some well-established plans (and maybe even then). And that’s not fun - the design process is at least half the fun.
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