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Default A great live band

Check the films- playing live, these guys really nailed it to the wall! The rhythm section was off-beat and in the pocket, at the same time.

The Band was the American Beatles. Both groups spent almost a decade on the roadhouse circuit, sharpening their axes. Both sang of characters acting out mystery plays in an invented landscape. While George Martin enhanced the Beatles recordings with strings and effects, Garth Hudson's organ painted backdrops of circus and sea, whimsies of harmony from an underappreciated wizard of the keyboard.

After The Last Waltz/rooftop concert, both bands took a break from the road, agreeing to reunite for recordings. With both, it never happened. John was distanced from his fellow Fabs by Yoko, and heroin. Going by "Testimony," Robbie's book, the heroin was enough.
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