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Originally Posted by MarkF_48 View Post
If selling online an acoustic guitar packed in a fairly large box, how are you shipping it. For a large light weight box UPS seems to be going by a 'Dimensional Weight', which for me to ship from the East coast (US) to somewhere in the middle of the US is about $85 via Ground . More to the West coast. USPS is a bit less, but not by much. Difficult for a buyer or seller to absorb that kind of cost for a $400-500 guitar.
I've used Craigslist years ago, but not really wanting the type of people out there now coming to my house.
I keep hearing that about Craigslist. Ive bought a bunch of stuff on Craigslist over the years, most recently a guitar a couple of weeks ago. The seller said shed be willing to meet within 15 minutes of where she lived, but then offered to knock $25 off the price if I would be willing to go to her home. Of course, I had no problem going to her house - that was my preference anyway, since I could sit down and play the guitar for a while before deciding to buy it (which I did). Ive only once had someone insist on meeting in a parking lot, and that was for a bicycle.

What makes the type of people out there now so different from the type of people out there before?
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