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I do not have any OO but I have Jatoba, Wenge and Black Locust as far as alternative woods in the ringing end of the spectrum. I have used the Jatoba for fretboards, can be very beautiful. Bruce Sexauer has said Jatoba needs to be thinned more to bend it but it is a tough wood otherwise. I had no problem bending my set, I bought a few more afterwards. The Wenge I have not built with yet but it does sound interesting when tapped.

The Black Locust also belongs in the same spectrum the others wade in, I had no problem working with it either. Some may find the look of it, different, I do not mind it. I did fume it though, ammonia makes it darker, as well as a few more woods. I used regular household cleaner in a pan under the box which was in a plastic bag. A test sample,

The guitar. Not a high buck set, I bought it cheap to try it out.

Fumed Jatoba.

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