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Originally Posted by Ovation1 View Post
Love the pictures.
Thanks Ovation1. Is it wrong that I spent so much time setting up for a picture of a circle cutter?

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Beautiful woods--and what a gorgeous rosette and backstrip!
Thanks Nemoman, I have always been partial to trimming Mahogany (and Koa) with Cocobolo. I love the look and feel they really compliment each other. This
Fiddleback Tree is very special and I felt it warranted a little something extra out of the Cocobolo. I dug deep into my supply and remembered this one little piece of cloud figure that was stuck aside for just such an occasion.

Originally Posted by canuck7 View Post
I really like the color of the abalone....really pops, even without finish.
Thanks canuck7, Thatís Blue Pau abalone. I believe it has the richest color of any abalone. Iíd be delightfully surprised to find better!
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