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Originally Posted by SpruceTop View Post
Scott, be the first to superglue your Schatten! I'm thinking of supergluing my Trance Amulet M Phantom in my Martin D-18 but will try holding a bare Amulet against the soundboard first to hear if there are any strange noises. Then, again, we could always try the Teddy Randazzo method of using epoxy which may be an easier fix than superglue when trying to remove and relocate, if necessary, the pickup(s).
Haha if I had a cheaper guitar, I would totally experiment. One thing I am going to try is installing the HFN with the red tape that comes with the Amulet. Mind you, the tape Schatten sends is insanely thin as well but it's worth a try. I like the putty as it's easy to move but it's harder to get a nice balanced tone.
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