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Resurrecting a dated thread...just saw these posts. I was fortunate to attend the first of the two nights at Pompeii. Have to say one of the best concerts Iíve ever been to. A friend and I had gone to his Radio City Show in April, 2016 - and agreed that if we could get tickets, weíd see him at Pompeii. The venue was amazing - it was a warm July evening, and a crowd of less than 3000. Itís hard to express the electricity in the air just prior to the first notes of 5 am breaking out. I had just arrived earlier that day, so was a bit tired...but immediately woke up when the band kicked in. Really a night to remember. Great review of the DVD - I havenít got around to watching it yet as Iím concerned it wonít live up to my memories of the event!
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