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So technically, they're all made in Asia. The handmade ones are in a small shop in Israel and the others are made in a factory in China.

I've had both.

The handmade one was very high quality and based on their videos and social media, they clearly are taking their time with each guitar and really ensuring they are works of art when they are done. Sounded and played great- humbucker model.

They make some of the hardware themsleves even, which is a really cool feature. I love the idea of the shape, neck access, etc. It could shred and really was a unique take on Les Pauls essentially, though with a lot of cool nuance but the tone harkened to that.

I got one of the first Crossroads models out of China and sent it back immediately. It was not a $1500 guitar IMHO, plain and simple. That's not to rag on it, but it felt cheap, just sorta blah sounding and playing and a lot of the charm of the Israeli-made version was gone. They sorta cloned it and dialed the quality back on all the parts, which almost wouldn't have mattered if they it hadn't made it all feel cheap, but it did. That's one man's opinion. I had a P90 version of this one and the pickups weren't very pleasing to me.

I am one man...someone else probably loves it and that's the beauty of this wide world of guitars, right? ;-)
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