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Originally Posted by rob2966 View Post
Yeah, was thinking more from an overall string tension perspective on the sub-basses. I am sure with the structural integrity of the CF it probably is pretty resiliant. Also, wouldn't be much cause to go more than +/- 1 step on each string which isn't a huge amount.

I am kind of leaning toward the pickup as well, which then brings me to the next question: if I get the pickup anyway, do I just bump to the Artisan level for the extra $200 or so, get the better tuners and option of color (although I do like black on CF guitars).


Hi Rob, I faced the same choice on my recent X7 and decided to go Artisan, worth it if you like all over gloss,
mine is red but actually looks black in all but the strongest light at the right angle !
( I previously owned an X7 Opus and I probably would not really have ever noticed the tuner upgrade, the cheaper ones work just fine .)

I would not have a clue how to play a harp guitar, but can attest to the beautiful build quality, tone and playability of Emerald guitars.
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