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My only direct experience was listening to a player on an outdoor stage in Weiser, ID last summer playing his X20 based Synergy on stage. Chatted with him after his set (using my Lucky 13 by way of introduction as a fellow CF enthusiast) but I did not get to play his guitar. He used the bass strings as open drones on the root of the chords he was playing, and he did run through 3-4 different tunings during his set -- including both bass and trebles.

I recall him saying that he had several wooden harp guitars, but the Emerald CF version was the only one he takes out of the house. Wood was just too fragile for travel and most gigging conditions, especially outdoors.

I recently ordered an X20-12 twelve string, and although I don't NEED electronics any more, my wife convinced me to get the pickup instead of taking the credit for omitting it -- just in case. It is never easier (or cheaper) than having the factory install it.
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