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Default "Guitar passports" for custom guitars with BRW

Fellow AGFer Miggic told me about this excellent new video of Prof. John Thomas talking with Michael Watts of TNAG and discussing the issue of travelling internationally with guitars that contain Brazilian rosewood.

It includes a very useful summary of the “guitar passport” that can be arranged for international travel with pre 1992 guitars containing BRW, and with newer guitars that contain BRW harvested pre 1992. It is acknowledged that actual paperwork for some of this wood is not available, particularly in guitars from individual luthiers who purchased the wood at a time when there was less emphasis placed on such matters.

At 8:25 in the video John describes how a guitar passport can be arranged for guitars built since 1992 and containing BRW, based on a sworn statement by a luthier to the effect that she or he used BRW that was obtained (i.e. harvested) prior to 1992. Does any luthier or owner on AGF have first hand experience with such a statement? It would be great if there was a typical statement available that luthiers could use in these circumstances, knowing that it was worded in a way that met the needs of the authorities.


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