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Originally Posted by henderson is go View Post
Really looking forward to the sequel thread to your previous Kostal thread. Have you considered perhaps a 12 fret mod dread from Jason? Or perhaps a non cutaway mod d?
Brian, now I have more choices! I would love that as well!

I have to focus. For this particular build I do want a small body with tons of focus, balance, and projection. Looking for an OM or a 00

So just for fun, sorry if I forgot your names or misrepresenting your thoughts, but trying to see what direction to take this build:

Justonwo OM
ZekeM OM
Racman OM

BilyBoy 00
Jasonechoi 00
me for now 00 (but changes each day!)
Racman OM
Japple 00

Omega Braz MJ, 2011 Omega MJ Braz Baritone
Ryan Cathedral ABW/Bosnian
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Build thread: 2015 Kostal OM Brazilian/German
Build Thread:2019 Bigfoot Mod D
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