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Originally Posted by GuitarFundi View Post
Do you sit the top on the body to do this or just on top of your bench brace side down?
I dangle the top next to my ear, pinching it with two fingers a little ways above the waist where there is a node.

Moving along on the neck:

The frets are in. Gold EVO wire size 4380. This is the nicest fret wire I have ever used.

Gluing the board to the neck:

Neck trimmed to its taper, and dots installed in the binding. Just going with the traditional black dots.

And the neck is carved. I always come back to this the next day to check it with fresh eyes and hands. I often notice some irregularity I missed on the first day. Wade wanted a C shape, not too thin. I'm doing a Gibson style heel instead of my usual shape.

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