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Originally Posted by Howard Klepper View Post
No one has succeeded in verbalizing this very well, Fundi. It gets asked a lot, and never really answered in a way that you can just take and apply as if from a cookbook.

I listen for the tap sound getting louder, deeper in pitch, and more resonant--a kind of musical ring to it. I tap along the braces and listen for dead spots (nodes), although these can't all be removed. I know from experience about where I should end up. I think a brace should look graceful when it is shaped to sound good. I also know from experience that there is a loss of something musical in the sound when one has gone too far, and that this corresponds to the loss of something structural, too. The trick (in part) is to know when to stop.
Do you sit the top on the body to do this or just on top of your bench brace side down?
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