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Originally Posted by Jaygits View Post
That said, I could go on and on about fully hand made Nylon/Classical guitars and Q/C .... the unknown that will vary from end-user to end-user, guitarist to guitarist, is where the designation A stock ends, and B stock begins.
I understand that. I made that remark based on what I have observed from one of Cordoba's price-tier peers.

LaPatrie (aka Godin) which sells guitars in the sub-$500 street price level has marked instruments as "blems" for imperfections that were truly difficult to detect. Based on what I've observed, the C10 and F7 that I examined wouldn't have passed their standards and, IMHO, should not have been offered for regular retail. The C10 sells for $1k.

I read somewhere that "seconds" from Yamaha exist but I haven't yet come across one. They seem to control these very well.

Originally Posted by Jaygits View Post
One more note, of the guitars you mention, the C7's, F7's, and the C10's, everything with the exception of the C5, based on the time frame you mentioned these were all first run, new models from our factory.
That's as I suspected. The time frame was the run-up to the Christmas shopping season and the post-Christmas inventory liquidation sales.

Of course, there are two ways of thinking about first runs: they're either the worst or they're the best. I had hoped that the newly released models would have come out strong to generate lots of good buzz and build marketing momentum. From my experience, these first runs curbed my enthusiasm.

In any case, I'll still be looking forward to what progress is made in the Iberia line. You can bet I'll be invited to accompany friends again to shops as November approaches.
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