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Originally Posted by Jaygits View Post
One last point --- quality control is always a challenge, but it's not a static event. The guitars are always getting better over time as we continue to grow and reinvest in the company. None of this is to excuse a Q/C problem on any of our guitars, rather it is to say there may be a much better guitar right next to, behind, or near the one with the issues. Also, quality control on value priced instruments is a challenge that cuts across all categories and all brands. That's just part of the nature of the game as evidenced by the posters here - for every bad experience, there tends to be 10 good ones, except negative tends to win when it comes to feedback.
Hello Jay. It's good to see a Cordoba rep here.

I should mention that my cautionary note on Cordoba QC is not based on an isolated incident but on six guitars that I had examined (one C5, two C7's, two F7's and one C10) over a five month period October '09 to February '10. I help friends shop for guitars or I set them up. The instruments were from one independent dealer, Guitar Center, Amazon and MF. Six for six cases of poorly-finished or sharp fret ends and other minor build flaws across four models. At least two of those that I examined should have been B-stock.

I myself was eagerly in the market for an F7 after hearing of its introduction, but I decided on another instrument after seeing the ones my friends had bought.

Having said that, I will note that I had not experienced this issue with any of the Iberia C5's I played since you began importing them from China in 2007. I assumed that the issues I saw were growing pains - Cordoba had expanded the Iberia line very quickly.

I do think the Cordoba Iberia line is an excellent value and it will get better as QC stabilizes. It sounds like Cordoba is headed in the right direction on this.

My general impression has been that Cordoba has better tone potential but still cannot match the quality consistency of a Yamaha. I still recommend Cordoba guitars to my friends, but I advise them to have me inspect the guitars first. I hope that you will make it possible for me to recommend them without reservations.
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